Another simplified dogfight with 3 planes-Carrier and SBR House Rule for 1942.2

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    Here is a different way of playing with Fighters.
    The Carrier combat value as been change to keep balance amongst themselves: attacking against defending Full Carrier.
    Hope you will enjoy.
    Let me know if you ever play-test it.


    Another way to play a 1942.2 game with some elements which can simulate air-to-air combat between Fighters or against Bombers are as follow.
    This House Rule keep the same principles as the opening post system:

    • Fighters are having dogfight against other Fighters and Bombers and not just hitting grounds targets (as casualties chosen by owner’s) acting like a shield.

    • That Strategic Bombers are weak and vulnerable against Fighters in air-to-air combat.

    • But Strategic Bombers have a heavy payload of bombs against ground targets.

    There is no special phase in this HR and the dogfight in SBR is consistent with the air-to-air combat value of Fighter and Bomber units.
    However, it implies a few changes on combat values and cost of these units:

    Attack 2
    Defense 2
    Move 4
    Cost 7
    Always hit enemy’s aircrafts first, if any available.
    A Destroyer must be present to hit submarine.

    Strategic Bombing Raid Escort and Interception
    Attack 2
    Defense 2

    Attack 4
    Defense 1
    Move 6
    Cost 12 (Optional: reduced to 10 IPCs)
    A Destroyer must be present to hit submarine.
    Can make a Strategic Bombing Raid against Industrial Complex.
    OPTIONAL: Every time on attack a “1” is rolled, then an enemy’s plane (either Fighter or Bomber) must be taken as casualty.

    **Strategic Bombing Raid Escort and Interception
    Attack 1

    Damage on IC: 1D6+2**

    1942.2 FLEET CARRIER
    Attack 0
    Defense 3
    Move 2
    Cost 14
    Hit: 2 hits
    Carry 3 planes (Fighters)
    Damaged Carrier can still carry 1 plane.
    Carriers are repaired at the beginning of the Power’s turn (Purchase and repair damage phase),
    unlike Battleship which are repaired at the end the player’s turn (Placement phase).

    Attack 0
    Defense 0
    Move NCM1
    Cost 4
    1 hit
    Up to 3 preemptive defense @1 against up to 3 planes, whichever the lesser,(as OOB AAA) and
    fire regular defense @1 against up to 1 plane on the following combat rounds.
    Stop any blitz, but cannot defend itself against enemy’s ground units.

    Additional units are added:

    For every 2 Fighter units, you can add on the board 1 new Fighter unit.
    USSR gets 1 additional Fighter unit. (1 Fg is put in Russia.)
    UK gets 2 additional Fighter units. (1 Fg is put on Carrier, 1 Fighter is put in UK.)
    USA gets 3 additional Fighter units.  (1 Fg is put on Carrier, 1 Fg is put in Western USA and 1 is put in Eastern USA.)
    Optional: You can add an AAA in China instead of a Fighter in Eastern USA.

    Germany gets 3 additional Fighter units. (1 Fg is put in Northwestern Europe, 1 Fg is put in Germany, 1 Fg is put in Polland)
    Japan gets 3 additional Fighter units. (2 Fgs are put on each Carriers, and 1 Fg is put in Manchuria.)

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