Allied focus on St. Lo … . . . ...

  • A proposed Allied strategy for Victory :

    Instead of trying to capture Cherbourg and Caen first …  . . .  …  Focus all allied powers (Air, Ground, Cards) on capturing St. Lo.

    My theory is that if you can capture and secure St. Lo, the Germans will have put too much of their forces into that arena and left the Peninsula and Caen weak. A few planes on the reinforcement zones near St. Lo would hamper any Axis reinforcements.
    How many D-Day game have ended with the capture of St. Lo being the deciding Turn 9 factor ? ? ? Take it out of the equation by capturing it first.
    Reserve a force for Cherbourg, not big, and use Bombers to eliminate Axis defenders in the way.
    Once St. Lo is yours, moving East to Caen is so much easier.
    8 Units/turn dropped at Omaha Beach is crucial after you’ve secured at least 1 UK beachhead.
    Someone who didn’t read these posts (and other awesome posts by fellow gamers) might be surprised what some onshore bombardments and a few bomber hits can do to the Cherbourg Assault !

    Starlight Sniper

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    You don’t really have time to “backtrack” to Cherbourg and coming in on that beach is the “long way” to St. Lo. Whatever you need to divert to Cherbourg has to go there from he beach.

    The stacking limits and locked in combat also have a tendency to gum up the works with regards to pushing everything on St. Lo. If you aren’t pushing on Caen there’s a chance the Axis are going to end up in your UK beach zones.

    St. Lo “for last” isn’t so much a tactical decision as geography. I’ve long ago started sending as little as possible to Cherbourg and leaving Caen to the Brits but it still ends up St. Lo last.

  • It’s often that St. Lo gets left till the end, and I find the “works” are indeed heavily gummed up by that point. That’s why I proposed the KSF (Kill St. Lo First) Strategy.

    I’m also surprised that you send a “small” force to Cherbourg.  I’ve done the same and ended up not having the force needed to take it (with the 1 round of combat deal).  With a full zone (Eight Units) plus a few extra units, it’s a tough crawl. I like to gamble on my landings at least once and land upwards of Utah Beach. I’ve posted previously posted about avoiding Omaha by gambling on the “Allies Land” card.

    To Cherbourg:  I like to engage my bombers for at least 3 rounds, and make sure the “Onshore Bombardment” hits when the time is right in the Peninsula. It’s easy enough to take (IMHO) if you eliminate 65% of the defenders before you get there.  Keep Axis Re-Enforcements in mind as Germany can send tonnes of units Upwards to Cherbourg up until Turn 5 before they become redundant. When attacking that “Must Have” city of Cherbourg, employ my “Great Wall of Planes”  (see D-Day Post) to stem the tide of Axis Forces.

    . . .    .  .  .   . . .

    Starlight Sniper

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