Ottoman War Camels

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    Here’s a news story that may appeal to A&A WWI 1914 players who like to play either the Ottoman Empire or the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  The phrase “Ottoman War Camel” has a nice ring to it and it would make an intriguing A&A 1914 supplemental unit.

    Bones of Ottoman war camel found buried in Austrian cellar

    Published Thursday, April 2, 2015 1:14PM EDT

    Archaeologists have discovered the fully intact remains of a 17th-century war camel buried in an abandoned cellar in Austria.

    The skeleton is thought to be the remains of an ancient war camel brought to Austria by a soldier of the Ottoman Empire.

    The skeleton was found fully intact in an abandoned cellar in Tulln, Austria, near the Danube River in 2006. Diggers came across the bones while excavating the site of a future shopping mall.


    The Ottoman Empire originated in the Middle East in 1299 and persisted in one form or another until 1923, when it dissolved in the aftermath of the First World War. At the height of its power it held large swaths of territory around the Mediterranean Sea, including parts of northern Africa, southeastern Europe and the southwestern edge of Russia.  The Ottomans halted their expansion into Europe after they failed to take Vienna in 1683.

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    Great piece Marc. Thank you.

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