Tac/strategic bombing raids question

  • Hi,

    I understand how the whole prosses works, but i need clearification on repairs and the air/naval base and IC functioning with damage.

    Lets say a Naval base gets 1 hit, 2 hits, 3…6 hits? does it lose its function after one hit or does it need more hits?

    I guess air bases are equal to naval bases in this matter?

    what about IC’s?


  • A Base still works with one or two damage, not with 3 or more. Air and Naval are the same, yes.

    A  Minor IC stops producing at 3 damage and a Major can no longer produce when it has taken 10 damage.
    An IC produces fewer units the more the damage. Work back from 10 for a Major ie: 4 damage would be taken from the 10 maximum, allowing 6 to be built.

    I hope I have been clear enough.

  • Thanks, just what I need to know

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