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1942.2 The 1 IPC factory for each Nation

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    Here is a fun house rule I’ve been exploring. Each Nation gets 1 free factory to place at the outset, but the factory must be placed on a territory worth exactly 1 ipc!

    Each player writes down their chosen location, and then all 1 ipc factories are revealed at the same time.  😄
    Possible locations include…

    Russia: Archangel, Novosibirsk, Evenki, Yakut, Buryatia, or Soviet Far East.
    Germany: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, or Finland.
    Britain: W. Canada, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Mid East, Burma, Australia etc.
    Japan: New Guinea or Malaya.
    USA: China, Hawaii, Panama or West Indies.

    I thought the idea of the 1 ipc factory, introduced in the latest started board 1941 was kind of novel, and might be fun to use in 1942.2

    Here players can explore slightly different production strategies. Each 1 ipc factory can give a new forward production platform, but also presents new potential target for the enemy!

    Even though the effect is minor, only 1 unit, the effect can still be cool. For example, USA could build a factory in China and produce 1 tank, fighter, or bomber a round. Or maybe they place their 1 ipc factory at pearl and use it to buy a Carrier or Battleship! Japan could likewise try for a Singapore factory to focus on Asia and India, or a sneaky New Guinea factory to put some heat on Australia. The British options are practically endless, since they have 1 ipc territories scattered all over the map. Russia might try to use their factory for a somewhat more forward position against Japan, in a territory like Yakut, or they could tuck it up nice and safe in a place like Novosibirsk or Archangel. Germany could use their 1 ipc factory either to get something started in North Africa with Rommel, or else focus on holding the north with their stronghold in Finland! hehe

    Fun options for everyone  😄

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    Nice concept.

  • Other than the Russian bomber added to the setup, I highly doubt any of my group will want house rules for a game that we just started playing… especially with my history of changing the Global rules… LOL. Nice idea, but I probably won’t be able to introduce house rules until my group gets board of the game in a year or 2 (maybe even 3).

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