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    So, I thought I’d kicked the A&A habit. For three years I hadn’t played. Then on a snowy afternoon, I met someone and played a game.  :evil: I can quit any time. Well, over the course of the game, I heard about the Revised addition with Guns, Destroyers, New Map, New Victory Conditions etc. Like a heroin addict I had to have it. I even paid extra money to have it next day aired to my house. Now, I’m at work, it’s 0100 hours and it’s set up and ready to play on my kitchen counter.

    A few anal-type questions/statements. The AH game’s cardboard is awfully cheap. That sucks. The map is super cool. Axis look VULNERABLE. Big allied surface fleet presence in the east. Japan looks screwed. I like the idea of germany threatining india early.

    OK the question. How’s everyone storing their pieces? I just empited my old addition’s pieces into the revised box and used the styrofoam from the 1991 ed. Boats are too big though. OK can’t wait til tomarrow. Booze and Bombers!!!

    Dr. G

  • Storing them in plastic bags.

  • Plano tackle boxes are ~$4 at Meijers.  They have about 16 comparments.

  • My storage is along the same lines as Linkon.  I bought mine at Wal-mart…

  • some addictions are preferable to others…at least you’re not actually a heroin addict…the side effects of a A&A addictions are not nearly as detrimental…

  • Moderator

    well generally hyperventilating over dice rolls is not considered a normal addiction…

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