1942.2 Russian Naval Expansion

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    Give Russia a starting fleet!  :evil:

    For use in games when the bosphorus and sz 16 “the Black Sea” is closed to all surface ships (only subs can pass through.)

    Add 1 Russian Battleship, 1 destroyer and 1 transport to sz 16.

    Add 1 Cruiser and 1 transport to the Caspian sea which becomes a normal sz.

    Now the Russians have a little mini fleet of their own! This bolstered Soviet navy gives them a new attack route into Romania and a few chances to conduct annoying bombardments into Ukraine, Romania, Persia or Kazakh!

    The fleet is still fairly small, and it can’t “escape” into the open ocean, but it gives the Russians a few more sculpts to play with. Axis still have air attack options against this new Russian navy (and sub attacks in the case of the Black Sea) but it gives them another distraction on the march towards Moscow.

    Who knows maybe the Russians could even buy a carrier deck at some point, if they manage to keep their Black Sea fleet alive, for late game transports against G?

    Finally because sz 16 is open to subs it is even possible for the Red October to sail all the way from sz 4 to sz 16, to link up with the main fleet! This would serve no real purpose at all, but would surely be deamed a grand accomplishment worthy of Soviet prestige hehe.

    What do you guys think? You like idea of a little Russian naval action?

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