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  • This would only apply to the global game. But after a side wins(for the people really really into this game and with tons of time in their gaming group) has anyone thought about taking it to the next step? Maybe a fight between the allied powers(Russia vs USA and the UK) or if the axis powers win its even better as it would be Japan vs Germany and Italy to see who can control the world? Now for the allied version you would have to set up some sort of  house rules as Russia more then likely won’t have a fleet(unless Germany and Italy are taken and then Russia builds a fleet to help with Japan). You could give both sides all the advanced tech and let them fight it out. I think it would be a fun war as both sides have massive incomes and more then likely the UK and the USA would have part of Germany…or at least have freed France and stationed units there.

  • My group did a Cold War scenario. Our game ended just like the real war did. With the Soviet Union taking Berlin, and the UK and US taking Western Germany, France, and the Italy. The US and ANZAC had Japan occupied, and also had troops in Korea. So the Allies of UK, US, France, and ANZAC began a 2 front war on the Soviet Union. After another 6-7 rounds Moscow finally fell. The only thing we did not do was give the sides advanced tech. It was fun, and we made Winston Churchill and George Patton proud by taking out the dirty commies.

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    Here would be another interesting “Cold War” scenario. Say Germany got strong and defeated the Russians while Italy beat the Brits and took Cairo, resulting in an Axis win on the Europe side.
    Meanwhile, the US went KJF and Japan got totally pasted on the Pacific side.
    So, the US is really strong in the Pacific but has little presence in the Atlantic.
    Japan and Russia are extinct.
    Germany and Italy are very wealthy and powerful, with Germany controlling most of western Russia, Italy advancing into Africa and the two perhaps sharing the Middle East.
    The UK in Europe is fairly weak and demoralized after losing to the Italians in the Med, but strongly defending Britain itself and possibly capable of building a strong RAF. Plus a good staging ground for the US Air Force.
    UK/India is pretty strong but about to face a Euro Axis assault from the west.
    ANZAC is in really good shape, but still small and a long way from Europe. Not sure how much help they will be. I suppose they could be good at beefing up India’s defenses.
    China will have a lot of men and all their territories, but due to their limited range of operation won’t be much help to the Allies unless Germany or Italy ventures into China.

    Perhaps it would be a race to see if the US could transfer the bulk of it’s forces from Japan to Europe before Germany captures London and/or Calcutta. Or if the Allies could liberate Moscow.
    One time we played a game of Revised where Germany ended up controlling all of Europe, Asia and Africa. However, the US had such a powerful navy and air force that Germany could not put any boats in the water. It was kind of weird.

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    It would be fun to import the Iron Blitz (PC version) Cold War scenario into the 1940 map: this time around instead of just having USSR-US-UK you could expand it to have France represent the rest of the NATO powers, Germany to represent the Warsaw Pact and China gets to be on its own (as PRC vs ROC, Taiwan can just be controlled by the US player along with Japan). Of course tech would be opened up.

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