• New Fighter rules
    attack and defense is 3
    They now fire before combat for every round and the units are automatically removed just like subs.  The only way you may use this new ability is if you have “air superiority.”
    air superiority is if you have more fighters than your opponent.  They pair up one to one.  If you attack with three fighters and they defend with two one of your fighters may use the new ability.  Also for defenders an AA gun can also pair up with an attacking fighter.

  • I always considered air supremacy in the game to be when your oppenent has no aircraft at all in the battle.  Not when the attacker or defender has more than the other.Â

    I also do not include AA guns as a factor in having or maintaing air supremacy.

  • It kinda makes sense that way… sort of like fighters having a dogfight on a one-to-one basis, while the fighters that don’t have their hands full are free to do other stuff. (Like strafe enemy ground units)

    As far as AA guns go, maybe have it so if an AA gun is present, the ability is negated.  It would be a little hard to strafe the enemy when AA fire is trying to tear you apart.  😛

  • sounds like people are confusing air superiority and air supremacy again. this rule is more realistic to modeling air superiority than in the box rules. air supremacy is when your opponent has no airforce in the designated area. 2 different things…

    by the way i don’t like the rule because it gives the attacker too much advantage. for the sake of example let’s say both sides have equal numbers of fighters. if the defender allocates all his fighters to 1 territory then the attacker will have air superiority in all the other territories and a push in the ‘built-up’ territory. if the defender spreads his fighters among several territories then the attacker can send all his fighters to any one of those territories and pick then off the fewer defending fighters one by one with air superiority advantage. put another way, the attacker will always be able to send all his fighters within range to one battle, but the defender doesn’t get that luxury. granted when it’s the opponent’s turn the attacker/defender roles will be switched, but perhaps by that point the damage to the previous defender’s airforce will be too great to make it totally fair. besides, it’s not very realistic pretty much always having the attacker with the air superiority (because that’s what would end up happening).

  • well what do you think if we kept the defender at a 4 defense.

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