• OK, a LOT of folks on here seem to be wed to the “KGF” strategy.

    How is that effected if Japan switches roles a bit by being a “USA” to Germany?

    What I mean is, what effect does a consolidated transfer of Japan’s air-power to Germany have on the Kill Germany First strategy when combined with a concerted Japan land push against Russia from the east?

    I have personally never tried it, being wed to my own Japan strategies, and am wondering of others have, and what the effect was, especially on Allied naval forces.

  • I love this question.  I’ve only donated a few fighters to the German cause a couple of times, and usually when Germany is in trouble.  The bomber tends to make it’s way to Germany for raids on GB/USSR, but you’re right - i tend to keep them for offenses on the mainland.  The truth is, after round 3, they are not usually that necessary in Asia, and i wonder too if there would be a lot of benefit to tossing them into EEU/WEU.

  • The main problem I see is that there is no easy transfer of forces. The US/UK can transfer their infantry and be in position next round to pick up the exact same amount. Japan has a lot of seas to go through. I think you would probably want to combine it with some factory builds, as your transport force will be occupied and you would want to keep the pressure up.

  • I’ve only seen Japan directly help defend Germany with fighters - its just too difficult for Japan to ship other defensive units to Europe.  I suppose it might be possible for Japan to do so from Moscow after Russia has fallen (if the US/UK don’t conceed, which they might not) and if Germany is being heavily pressured.

    Another way to do this that I’ve never actually seen one: if the Axis controls both Karelia and Novo and if Japan can get one inf (perhaps with paratroopers - a house rule) in Karelia, is to strafe Moscow each round and retreat all forces to Karelia, then to E. Europe, then to Germany.  Its kind of a roundabout way to help Germany, as Japan I’d rather use the forces to kill Russia and then play Japan vs US/UK trying for either an economic victory or to regain Germany (which would probably also give an economic victory).

  • So from the looks of it, no one has ever ‘started’ a game using Japan to pour air-power into Europe.

    Guess I have a new strategy to run against the PC a few times just to check it out.  I am really curious what effect it will have:  double the available air forces for use against UK/US fleets, and lots of extra 4’s for defense…

  • Sounds like a luxury move.

    Do it after ground forces secure Novo.

  • This strategy works particularly when when the allies are using a “kill Germany first” strategy. The key is having Syria-Iraq or Egypt in Axis hands for a turn so Japan can land fighters there, for travel to Berlin the next round. Those three or four extra fighters really help Germany when the aliies are pounding infantry at the capital. In my experience, it has been enough to give Japan enough time to take over Russia, because Germany just has to keep building infantry.

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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