2nd Edition Rulebook/Box depiction of board

  • Has any one wondered what the people who designed the Europe 1940 2nd Edition rulebook and box were thinking when they made the photos of the board set up?

    When would the board ever look like this:

    • Nothing in the United States. No units, no facilities, nothing. Just empty spaces.

    • French Tanks in Africa. How did those get there? The Allies have only one transport total, a UK transport on the other side of the map! Why is France still in the game, when they fall on turn 1? Perhaps France was liberated, but Germany is still in the game, Italy looks pretty strong and the only evidence of an allied invasion is one UK infantry and one US infantry in Normandy.

    • The United States invading Russia. They have infantry on Russian territory with a US roundel on it. What?

    • Russian and British warships facing off on the Battle board. Apparently Russia’s at war with everyone in this game? Yet a Russian sub is peacefully sitting with a UK transport on the map.

    • Missing UK facilities. There are no UK air or naval bases, and South Africa is missing it’s IC.

    You think they could have at least set the board up with the starting setup.


  • This is an issue that has cropped up in numerous A&A games.  The box board photos are often taken by marketing department people who simply want to make the picture look pretty and who aren’t overly concerned about depicting things accurately.

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