What US shipping should Japan Attack on T1 (1941)?

  • In the 41 scenario As Japan should I go after the

    a) US battleship at hawaii or

    b) the trans + Destroyer on US coast.

    c) the trans + Destroyer on US coast.

    The only forces available for a seems to be the two carriers and it would take all four fighters to have a decent chance of destroying the battleshihp.

    But I would also think that killing the tranny is a higher priority to protect the islands in the pacific

    Are there better uses for the midway planes on T1.

  • You can definitely do both.

    I usually send two fighters to take out the US transport and destroyer off the American West Coast. I send the two carriers, other two fighters and destroyer near the Dutch East Indies to take out the American battleship at Pearl Harbor. The fighters you sent to take out the US transport and destroyer can land on the carriers outside Hawaii, assuming they survive the battle.

  • Hi,

    That is definitely an option but I can sort of see two possible problems,

    1. The carriers are now in range of US carrier+ US land based planes
    2. I feel the destroyer could be better used escorting the tranny to east indies for a first turn grab.

    Are the carriers essentially sacrificed in the hope that by the time US rebuilds navy,  Japan will have big enough income to counter?

    If you move the transporter to take East indies with no escort, Do you sacrifice it to the UK destroyer at india or do you hold back a turn on taking islands and wait for the main fleet to sink the British destroyer or chase it away?

    The reason I am leaning towards taking east indies turn 1 is to put an IC there T2 and start a 4 unit shuck into India/Egypt etc.

  • The surviving carriers and fighters are potentially vulnerable to US forces. Usually it depends on whether or not American wants to commit to a war in the Pacific or prioritize eliminating Germany. Personally I think it’s more of a gamble for the American player since those defending Japanese fighters will all be rolling at 4.

    You can take out the UK destroyer and transport with the other Japanese aircraft carrier and fighters. The transports you use to capture the Dutch East Indies don’t really need an escort until they get to India, by which point they can unite with other Japanese naval units.

  • Ok,

    I will definitely have a look at that, had not realised the british DD was in range of the third carrier.

    Do you then use the BB and CA to take down phillipines?

  • You can certainly try for taking the Philippines on the first turn for Japan, but I find it’s usually a bit of a gamble. You can probably spare the transport from Japan and a battleship or cruiser to help bombard. I’ve see plenty of cases where those defending American units manage to score two hits, though. I’m usually in more of a rush as Japan to position myself to take India on the second or third turn and push quickly through China and into Russia.

  • Japan, of all the countries, has the most opportunities, units to take advantage of these opportunities, and time to attempt them.  These moves might cost them some of their planes, but those are expendable(start with NINE!) to further expansion as well as most easily replaced due to their range and relative low cost.

    By mentioning time, Japan is isolated enough to be able to recover if their opening round attacks go poorly.

    J1 Buy = 2 tpt, inf = 17/17

    2 inf (sz61) via sz61 tpt > brn *MT

    CA,BB (sz61) > sz50 (dd, tpt)

    Philipines (2 inf)

    inf (car) inf(oki) via sz51 tpt
    2 inf (jap) via sz 62 tpt

    3 inf, art (sz61) via sz61 tpts > bur (inf)

    2 ftr (sz61) > sz35 (dd,tpt)
    2 ftr (sz57) > sz56 (dd,tpt)
    2 ftr (sz57), dd (sz51) > sz53 (BB)

    However you want to attack China on the ground.  This is not the strongest push, but also not the weakest.
    3 inf (man), inf (kia) > Sui (inf)
    2 inf (kia), ftr (jap) > fuk (inf)
    3 inf (fic),  ftr (for), ftr (man) > yun (inf,ftr)

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