Find the ennemy

  • In naval combat, find the ennemy is really important and difficult, for reflect that, i change the naval combat system. Exemple, Japan decide to attack US in sea zone 24 the jap have 1 BB 1 DD and 1 CV with 1 fighter, and 1 Tac bomber. The Us have 1 DD and 1 BB. First the player most find the ennemy navy, the naval unit have 1D6. The number of naval unit dont count but every planes in the battle have 1D6. The first player i have 6 on a dice find the ennemy and have the chance to attack first. If the Us find before the Jap the Us have to chose to attack or defend against the Jap. I dont count the number of boat because, the speed and distance the navy cover is rediculous compare with planes. This rules is not applicable on the ground. On the ground find the ennemy is not comparable with the immensity of Oceans…Is the 3 and last, after Counterattack and Blitzkrieg, rules.

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    I use 2 recon planes to find navy. 1 recon plane can fly 4 seazones ( can land on escort carr or carr only ). The other recon plane can fly 6 seazones ( has to land on ground only ). They get 1 D6 die roll and on a roll of 3 or less, they have found 1 or more ships.
    Then you can attack ship or fleets.

    Also for got to mention,  starting on a certain turn then fighters can find ships too.

  • Ok but fot me the creation of a new unit (recon plane) is a little complicated just for one mechanic. (my opinion)

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