• So you liberated France. What do you do next? Will you build up a french navy. Will you buy bombers. Or will you play it safe and build infantry. What would you do?

    Now it doesn’t happen often when it is relevant, but in a recent league game it actually is relevant. Hence I am wondering. :P.

  • Depends on the situation but I’d say build a strong land army (3/4 INF + 1/4 ART) and help attack Italy.

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    In any of our games where France gets liberated (and stays liberated), France usually buys mostly infantry to help back up the other Allied forces and possibly prevent an Axis counter attack. If they are around long enough, meaning Germany is really holding out and the other Allies aren’t quite strong enough to take Berlin, then France may purchase the occasional artillery and/or tank. Then if the opportunity presents itself, they may even get to attack some Axis.
    One time we had a game where Germany managed to really pile up on Berlin. The UK and US stacked up Western Germany while France kept adding infantry and artillery. Then the Allies gave Germany a 1 - 2 - 3 punch. First the US attacked Berlin, then the UK, and finally France ended up taking Berlin.

  • 2017 '16 '15

    I bet they still celebrate that in France to this day 🙂

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