• Hello everyone!

    I have a question about the ship combat move, couldn’t find an answer anywhere, not even in the rulebook. So i hope this is ok if i am opening a new topic.
    About sea units attacking: Since sea units have a move of 2, can i attack enemy ships if they are 2 territories away? Or can i only attack territories who are adjacent to my sea units?

    And if yes: When an attack fails, can they retreat back for 2 territories?


  • Hello Hurricane. You can indeed move two Sea Zones and fight a naval battle, as long as there is no ship surface warship blocking your way.
    The attacker can retreat at the end of any given turn, as long as the defender has a ship still alive. Unfortunately, you can only retreat one SZ (one from which any of the attackers came).

  • Thank you so much!  :-D

  • Oh by the way, i have an another question. It is about air units: Can i make tactical bombing raids with bombers in the Spring 1942 edition?
    For example: I attack UK with 1 bomber, there are 2 tanks in that territory, and i destroy one of them and then i fly back? Or will be this a regular combat move where the tanks shoot back?
    If yes, does that count for bomber -> sea units aswell?

    Also the FAQ confused me a bit. Can fighters/bombers spot subs and attack them without a destroyer?

    And a final question: Can subs spot/attack another subs? Like a 1vs1 fight?  :-D

  • Hello again.
    Your Bomber either does an SBR or attacks normally. If you chose to attack the territory, that would mean the two Tanks shoot back, yes.
    It does also count for Bomber vs Naval units.

    Air units cannot hit Subs without a destroyer being present in the SZ, belonging to the nation whose turn it is (each Round).

    A Sub which is attacked by any naval unit, which does not include A Destroyer, can always elect to Submerge instead of fighting at a disadvantage. The Defender chooses whether to stay and fight.

  • Once again, thank you so much! You really helped me a lot there!
    Thank you!  :-D :wink:

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