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    I have a question about retreat.  Let say 2 transports are loaded with land force and enter a sea zone where there are sea battle is involved.

    1.  If the sea battle is lost, is my understanding correct that transport can retreat after taking necessary last hit from opponent’s sea force.  For example, there is 1 hit left after taking out all the sea force except transport.  In this case, 1 transport is sink and other transport can retreat.

    2.  During retreat, will the land force stay inside Transport as cargo, or would the land force retreat back to the land where it comes from?
    3.  If the sea battle is won, transport unloads the land force to a territory and fight - can these land force retreat back to the transport during fighting, or they have to fight till the end of battle?

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    Hi Innohub. Yes, the one surviving TT can retreat. The cargo will still be on board, as it cannot amphibiously assault if the SZ is still Hostile. The cargo remains on board the ship, at sea!

    3. You are correct. They amphibiously assault. They cannot go back on the TT though. They  fight to the death. Any air units could retreat, however. leaving the landed units to fight on alone.

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    Thanks for the clarification, Wittmann.  Your advice always comes in handy : -).

    I recently bought a  hard copy of Europe and Pacific is on its way…I guess I have a lot to learn from you guys later  :lol:

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    Glad you are going to play Global soon. Enjoy it.

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