• Say as Germany you pull off Sealion, what should you do next? Does anyone think that pressuring the US on both sides would work? After Germany captures England it quickly rebuilds land forces and makes any initial attacks on Russia, while Italy builds boats to reinforce the German navy (more defensive). Then Germany will build a few more ships and a few more transports. Meanwhile, Japan will direct a lot of its land units towards Russia and spend most of its money on a navy to storm Hawaii and transports for land units to land in Hawaii. Then depending how large America’s navy presence is on that side the Japan attacks Mexico or Aleutian and Germany attacks New Brunswick.

    Would an attack like this be possible or would it be too easy to defend for the US and/or too much pressure would be put on by Russia, China, UK Pacific, and ANZAC?

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    If you pull off Sealion and the US isn’t in the war already or sitting on Gibraltar, they are at least 2 moves away from getting any kind of help to London. Italy should take Gibraltar if they can and block out the Mediterranean. Italy can move troops to the west coast and get into Syria and hopefully Iraq (if Russia hasn’t gotten their first) Then take over Africa. Build London up by 6-10 ipc’s per turn (now there are 6 of any kind of build you made, plus all your air units). US at that point needs to make a hard decision, liberate Europe or kill Japan.  Fact is they cant do both. Germany and Japan are making a combined 120-140 ipc’s at that point and Italy can make an easy 30+ with their NO’s running wild in Africa. $ wise, game over, and you didn’t even have to make a move on the US. Still a lot of factors have to be taken care of, like is there still an allied NAVY in the Mediterranean? Does Italy still have any NAVY left? What kind of landing force is left in London. And where is Russia? Can Japan put pressure on Russia? Is Japan bombing the heck out of Calcutta?

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