Phoenix, AZ looking for players

  • Hello all,

    I belong to an unofficial group that plays here in Phoenix, AZ.  We need to get some new players in the group as many of our members no longer show interest in playing.  I would like to get some new members to rejuvinate the group.  We don’t play tournaments or anyting.  It’s more of a guys night out thing where we drink beer and eat pizza.  I am currently scheduling a game for Saturday November 12th around 6PM.  Please respond to this post if you are interested.


  • If anyone is interested in playing, but cannot play this weekend reply to this post so I can contact you for the next game.

  • I’m from Tucson, but I’m sure I can make the two-hour commute up there. I found another guy from Tucson on here who’s also willing to commute the same distance. You can make a post in the thread he made. His name is Fitz I believe.

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