Capitol Victory condition.

  • I was wondering what you guys thought about going old-school in the victory conditions in 1940? Like in order for the Axis to win they would have to…

    A. Conquer two capitols in Europe (not including France). OR

    B. Conquer two capitols in the Pacific.

    The Allies would win the same way they would win in Global. Thoughts?

  • Hey Desertrfox, trust me when I say that I’ve spent a lot of time on this and there are no easy solutions. Your idea has a good solid foundation for naming a winner. However, I see a few issues that might undermind some strategies.

    1. There is no reason for the Axis to go into Africa if it does nothing to help them win the game, this would be unfortunate as most fun games have good battles in the Med.

    2. It is almost imposible to hold both Moscow and London in one game, so my Allied strategy would be to go after Japan where Calcutta and Sydney are more likely.

    3. It does not address what the Allies need to do to win seeing as holding all 3 Axis capital is impossible, they will revert to the popular and unimaginative “hold out as long as possible” strategy.

    Here is my solution…

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