Capturing a territory after combat victory

  • Hello all,

    I have a very very noob question that I cannot find a specific answer for in the manual or online anywhere.

    When an attacker is victorious in combat must the attacker move ALL attacking units into the defeated territory OR can the attacker chose to move however many attacking ground units they wish.

    For example,  one infantry into the territory just to capture it and returning the rest of the attacking units either into their originating territory or all into one territory that at least one attacking unit came from matching the attacker retreat rules.

    Thank you and please forgive my Noobness

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    Hi Argonaut and no worries.
    The attack took place in the territory, so all units are already there and cannot choose to retreat or not be in the attacked territory. Only Air units can’t remain and must move to a territory already owned by you or one of your allies.

  • Hi wittmann,

    I can tell your a question answering beast on this forum!

    I thought this was the way it should work but wanted to be sure and figured why not ask.

    Thanks for the help!

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