People angry about Abercrombie & Fitch shirt.


    WV has the highest armed forces enlistment % rate of any state in the Union. 
    The A & F  shirt says they are all related (inbred).

    Other shirts have lead to a “Girl-cott”

    Sample slogans:
    “Blondes are adored, brunettes are ignored”


    “I make you look fat.”

    In spite of (or maybe, because of) all this, sales are up.

  • I’ve seen a lot of stupid people wearing these types of t-shirts.  I think the governor is making a bit too much a deal of this (and thereby giving A&F a LOT of great publicity that they do not have to pay for). 
    Would it be any different if this were a different (smaller) clothing manufacturer?

  • How many offensive t-shirts are out there? I can think of a dozen off the top of my head from a dozen different sources.

  • a better reason to dislike a&f is that they sell cheap (quality), overpriced crap, that just screams “tool”. but hey, if you like paying $50 for a pair of jeans with holes in it, thats up to you

  • The simple truth is: There are people stupid enough to buy a shirt that screams “I am a looser”

    I see how it can offend someone, but its actually kinda laughable.

  • looser ?

  • Moderator

    Well, I just saw a headline on yahoo and it looks like A&F is going to at least pull some of the shirts.

  • Fall has officially arrived.
    The annual A&F ad campaign has done it’s job.
    Now I can hibernate as the news is not NEW any more.  It’s just recycled from last year.

    Anyone notice the IT commercials?
    I saw one where a guy gave “it” to a girl.
    I hope she sees a doctor soon!

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