Industrial omplexes with reduced production capacity

  • Hi,

    at the moment i am experimenting with a new ruleset for industrial complexes, and i am curious of what you think about it. The version i use is 1942, 2ed. The reduced production capacity forces players to build more of them (the reduced cost of the complexes compensates this a bit). Small isolated territories (like Tokyo or London) are now easier to conquer as they cannot throw out hordes of cheap Infantry. With the cheap Minor Complex, it might be worth building one in territories that normally dont get one (like in Africa or China or Australia). I hope for some completely new strategies (Sea Lion is now possible) and new hotspots of war. It should also lead to some more costly navy units and greater sea battles.

    Minor Industrial Complex - 8 IPC
    Can be placed in any territory with at least 1 IPC. Produces up to 2 units. No Bombers, Carriers or Battleships.

    Major Industrial Complex - +12 IPC
    Must be upgraded from a minor complex already under your control. Only in territories with at least 3 IPC. Produces up to 5 units.

    Other changes:
    Cruiser 10 IPC
    Battleship 18 IPC

    Starting Setup:
    Major Industrial Complex: US East, US West, Germany, Great Britain, Moscow, Japan
    Minor Industrial Complex: Italy, Caucasus, India

  • Question: Can you build multiple complexes in any given territory?

  • Nope

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