German Battleship

  • Now I’ve got a very specific question and wanna listen to your opinion. What shall one do with the German BB in CMD in Round 1?
    There are in general two things you can do:

    1. Attack the British BB in WMD with your BB, Sub, X Ftr and conquer GIB with your Tran.
      1a) Use the sub to kill the lone British Transporter near ECA.

    2. Sink the British Des in EMD and use the Tran to assault with 2 more Units in EGY.
      2a) Sink the Des with Ftrs and Offshore Bmb EGY.

    At the moment I tend to say that option 1) is the most effective, but only if you buy an AC for BAL, else your Baltic Fleet can be sunk by 2 Ftr + 1 Bmb from UK and you can’t combine your navy anymore, which makes your move obsolete.

  • Sink the British DD, then land an infantry and artillery in Anglo-Egypt as well as bringing up the units in Libya. If Russia sends a fighter to Anglo-Egypt on his first turn, then I would suggest sending the bomber from Germany.

    edit: or fighter from Balkans or Ukraine.

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