• I hope this is the right board for this question!  I’m looking to assemble the opposing fleets for Midway using War at Sea miniatures.  The US carriers are available, as are the cruisers but I’ve hit a problem with the destroyers as aside from the Porter class Phelps and Balch, most of them are just not made.

    Looking through images of minis and the real thing, I am pretty sure the three Benham/Gridley class (Benham, Ellet and Maury) can be converted from the  ORP BLYSKAWICA miniature.

    Shapeways make a set of six Sims class destroyers, so all that leaves the three Farragut class (Monaghan, Worden, Aylwin) so my question is does anyone know if the existing Fletcher class can be converted to a convincing standard?

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    Variable can answer that question, I’ll let him know.

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    That’s what I ended up using for mine. To help a bit, give them an early war paint scheme. Simple light grey hull with blue or dark grey decking. I think the #3 turret should be less pronounced but overall it’s a good proxy. Stats-wise they are about the same.

  • Thanks for that; looking at the drawings, that turret needs to be removed altogether and the two after turrets cut down to represent open mounts.  Some superstructure midships will also have to be removed and the torpedo tubes relocated back-to-back on the main deck.  The forward smokestack on the Farragut class is noticeably slimmer in profile so there is also some work to be done there; nothing too difficult though, and an interesting project!

  • First attempt

  • Here’s what I did:
    First the #3 turret and the small island superstructure along with the torpedo tubes needs to be removed and the after turrets trimmed to represent open gun mountings

    The searchlight platform on the after funnel also needs to be trimmed off - it’s easier to do this before removing the superstructure  :-(

  • The torpedo tubes are separated and relocated, while the aft funnel (minus the searchlight platforms) is moved forward.

    A quick paint job and the flotilla is under way!

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    Looks good man. :-)

  • Just got my six Sims class from Shapeways yesterday - first thing I have ever ordered from them and I am impressed!  Much better that the bendy A&A minis with crisp clear detail that takes acryilic paint without the need to prime.  Very nice indeed and I’ll be ordering some cruisers rather than cough up $40+ on ebay for them

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    Shapeways gives you endless ways to get lots of ships. I stay away from them because I hate to paint.  Variable hooks me up with awesome paint jobs when I need them.

  • I hear you there, although the little DD’s and DE’s aren’t too bad - especially if you do them all over sea blue.  I’ve got a second Soryu on the way to convert to Hiryu using the guide posted here.  Shapeways do one cheaper but I balked at the thought of trying to paint her deck markings! :wink:

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    Yea man, I have no patience when it come to painting.  That’s why this game appeals to me so much, pre-painted and pre assembled. Thank goodness.

  • Well, here they be - the two sisters Soryu (top) and Hiryu

  • Perhaps the simplest conversion yet: USS Monssen, a Gleaves class destroyer which is basically a Fletcher with the #3 turret replaced with additional light AA guns.  Taking the  WAS Fletcher, I removed the #3 turret and superstructure aft of it, also the searchlight platforms on the after funnel, being careful to leave the 20mm mounts below them.  A new, single searchlight station was mounted in the previous turret location and the after mast added from nylon bristle.  I also replaced the overly thick main mast with one cut from nylon bristle.


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