Italy Politics House Rule G40

  • I think a good Italy politics house rule in G40 if that Italy isn’t at war at the start of the game. Italy can declare war to any ally power at any turn. UK and France only can declare war to Italy if Paris is conquered by any Axis power.

    With this rule if you conquer Paris with Germany, the game is the same, but you cannot attack Paris, giving 1 turn more to France and saving Italian fleet keeping out british attack of first turn.

    What do you think?

  • well this is interesting.Global game is supposed to start after Dunkirk evacuation jun 4 1940 and before paris falls jun14.Historically,Italy joins war jun 10,so arguably neutral at the beginning of a global game.So perhaps if Germany retreats from Paris G1 and has not landed air or passed through italy ,then Italy is still neutral UK1.
    Is Uk allowed to start war with Italy and if so would a Taranto raid spark a similar outrage in Italy that Pearl Hbr sparked in USA?

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