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  • Hi I’m new to A&A (but not to strategy gaming in general). Looking through many strategies on this site, Don Rae’s SOUNDED like he knew what he was talking about (I wouldn’t know…). He claims that for the most advanced players, the first few turns will always play out the same way because there is one absolute perfect way to play those opening moves. If this is true I would want to study the concepts he lays out in great detail. Anyone agree/disagree with what he says and why?

  • I think it’s total BS. Mr. Rea sounds very convincing and seems to have a large body of evidence backing him up, but I sincerely doubt that any one opening move is perfect. That’s what makes the game great; you must balance the risks and yeilds for every play you make, becuase you cannot make any move without creating a point that can be explioted by your foes. You just need to find a way to limit retaliation for any given action. Many more experience players may disagree with me, but I think that as long as you keep all of these things in mind you won’t fall into deady, predicable, and boring sequences of play.

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  • Don Rae’s strats are sound, but do you really want to spend all your truns buying inf. and sticking to the same plan over and over. That doesn’t sound very fun. Besides, 1 ftr can be much more fun to play with than 3 inf. in between waiting for turns. 😄

  • Don’s strategies taught me how to play. If you go on past his first few turn playout (which is argueable), you get some very good information.

    The entire site can be found here:

  • Thanks Yanny, I was wondering where the rest of his essays were!

  • Can we fix the link on the Strategies page? The old URL for Don’s essays is outdated.

  • Gota ask Djensen for that, not my department, Hell, I really dont do much! Just moderate the message board, the rest is up to him.

  • Are you and Djensen the only ones that run this site? Must be kinda tough.

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