DVD Sets for sale: Star Trek, Dark Knight, etc…

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    No, it is not Axis & Allies, but there is nothing saying that sales have to be A&A related.

    Many of you here may know me and will attest that I am an honest individual and will not rip anyone off. I have a good trader review here also.

    I initially intended to do this locally, but I will see if any friends here are interested. If you are, PM or email me and we can discuss payment/shipping options. Prices might go up a few bucks ($2-$4) based on shipping costs. We will have to wait and see on that. Obviously, these are all Region 1 DVDs, so non-US/Canada people might want to pass.

    I can provide photos of my specific copies for you to view if requested, I just have not yet photographed them. All of the pictures I included here and on Craigslist are exactly what mine look like.

    That said here is what I am selling:     http://toledo.craigslist.org/emd/4854112019.html

    Updated: ST:OMP Collection now sold. Total selling price revised.

    Updated: Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Terminator Salvation now sold. Total selling price revised.

    $33 for the entire lot (remaining items), but for sale individually as shown below. All DVDs have been very well maintained; cases are all in great condition, no scratches or imperfections on the discs. The Star Trek TNG collection has a small (1/2") tear in the outer plastic sleeve and the corners of the outer cardboard case are slightly worn, but otherwise is in great shape. The DVD cases themselves are all pristine. Star Trek set is a sleek, compact, modern collection that looks quite nice on your shelf. All DVDs come in original cases.

    $XX - The Dark Knight Trilogy Gift Set - SOLD!

    $XX - Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection - SOLD!

    $18 - Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection - contains all (4) Next Generation films and accompanying special features. A fifth DVD “Star Trek: Evolutions” is included, which contains interviews and commentary on the Star Trek legacy.

    $4 - Batman Begins - Single disc widescreen film.

    $10 - The Dark Knight (2-disc Special Edition) - widescreen, 2-disc edition with holographic sleeve. Special French language optional. (Note this DVD is all English)

    $4 - The Dark Knight Rises - Single-disc widescreen film.

    $X - Inception - SOLD!

    $X - Terminator Salvation - SOLD!

    $2 - The Island - widescreen single-disc. 2005 Michael Bay film starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.

    $2 - The Patriot - widescreen single-disc. Starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger.

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