When did 2nd Ed come out?

  • Hi all!  As I go back thru old posts, I often realize halfway through a thread that they are talking about Alpha x or y and it may or may not have any relevance to Global 2nd Edition (often times there is still good info but I realize that some of the statements may be predicated on a totally different set up or rule that’s not part of 2nd edition).

    So my question, is when did 2nd Edition come out?  Also, if I see Alpha 3+ is that the same as 2nd edition?  This way when im reading a post I can check the date and have a better idea of which version they are talking about.


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    So my question, is when did 2nd Edition come out?Â

    In or around September 2012.  The 2nd Edittion Pacific and Europe games were released simultaneously (unlike the 1st Edition versions, in which Pacific was released in 2009 and Europe a few months later in 2010).

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    2nd edition and Alpha 3 are almost the same.  There are differences, I think, mostly in the unit placement. You can down load the rules from Avalon Hill and the set up charts are on this site for 2nd edition.

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