• Hey all, I’m new to the forum. I’ve played 1940 Pacific a decent amount of times and I’m curious as to what the community recommends in regards to the overall US strategy. I’ve found that the US should either push for the mainland Japan blockade/Korea attack (building a minor IC on Korea also) OR seize the Caroline Islands and then help take back the spice islands/DEI so that the UK/ANZACs continue to receive their IPC bonuses.


  • A strategy to get right in Japan’s face is to build an industry and naval base in Alaska. A strong fleet positioned in SZ1 is an immediate threat to SZ6 and can receive reinforcements directly. To create a highway to be able to help ANZAC and get to the DEI quickly, build a naval base in Johnston Island. Establish Allied control of Dutch New Guinea and build a naval base there. This extends the highway to India and allows (potentially unopposed) amphibious landings in China. It should also tie up Japan in the DEI and make it commit units to defend the Philippines. If Japan can’t commit enough units against China or India the latter will start winning on that front in which case Japanese defeat is inevitable.

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