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    Yeah, and axis easily came out on top (no bid). In my opinion it makes for a less entertaining game playing without VCs.

  • Wait a sec. So playing without VC’s you had the axis win easily? What was the allied strategy? All out Japan, or all out Germany? Why is it less entertaining playing without VC’s?

  • '19 '17

    If I recall correctly they were both kjf, one of them was an easy win the other would have taken a while, but axis would probably win. It’s less entertaining because there is less decision making for US to split its income, and it’s similar to the other versions of axis and allies. Axis strategy to win with or without VCs is almost the same, which is going for the economic win.

  • I’d say, without a VC-win option in play, the allies can (finally) go for Europe-first, as they will not be required to hold back in fear of loosing Hawaii/Sydney (usually the 6th VC Japan needs for victory).

    WITH the VCs in play, I like to quote ghr:

    Germany and italy can easily turtle their west coasts.  It takes a lot of material for US to do anything of worth in Europe.

    And the US cannot afford to buy the material needed to do anything of Worth in Europe because that will give Hawaii/Sydney to Japan on a silver plate. Barring axis mistakes, ofc…

  • Exactly Cleric. That is why I am testing out playing against myself. The first game I tried giving the axis a pretty large bid by combining all of Italy’s fleet before the game started in SZ 97. This made it a lot harder to secure Africa and to kill his navy that had a German carrier, cruiser, dd, and 2 subs was a pain in the ass.

    I stopped playing on Russia’s turn 9. Here is the attached file of that game.

    The total Allied TUV at the start of Russia’s turn is 2497 and the Axis TUV is 2536. The incomes are allies 169, axis 184.

    I left at this point because I could tell the game was going to start really grinding. With US dropping 25-27 guys in Europe every turn, and Russia making no money thanks to Japans bombing runs it was an even race.

    Global total domination R9.tsvg

  • Quick look on your save: I wouldn’t call that an even race, ROC ;-).

    I’d say the allies have the axis by the throat in your game (thanks to no VC way to win)!
    It shouldn’t be long before the allies liberate Paris and they need to RAID German IC’s in WG and Berlin with ~8 STR, costing Germany another 20-40IPCs per turn.

    Soon, with Paris producing and Germany paying at least 20IPCs per turn on factory repairs, the economic game looks more like ~185IPCs per turn for allies versus 155 IPCs for allies.

    After a while Italy should fall as well which is game over for Germany, even if Russia cannot hold Moscow. :-).

  • My mistake was not sending my two move units to Romania the previous turn as Germany. I just played out turn 9 and US was able to stack Northern Italy. Italy is out of the game now, but on the other side of the board Japan is making 105, and he is bombing Russia with 5 bombers every turn. He has more than UK in the south and he can now start landing in Africa taking the money away from Russia and UK. I do agree that US is going to eventually take Germany, but could he do it before Moscow falls? Probably 😕

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