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5 rule questions

  • I’ve been reading a bunch of the old posts and I can’t seem to find an answer to any of these so if anybody could help with me was a rule clarifications that would be great

    1. If I capture an enemy territory but later I leave it empty, does it stay under my control or revert?

    2. If I capture Neutral power territory but later I leave it empty, does it stay under my control or revert?

    3. If I capture a colonial power territory but later I leave it empty, does it stay under my control?

    4. If I have forces renewing an attack on a contested land space and one of my allies has a fighter left over from an earlier attack (my enemy has a fighter defending as well but I don’t) do they still roll for air superiority even though I’m attacking and not my ally?

    5. I don’t understand what happens when I attack a naval space with a whole bunch of unguarded transport ships on it, with one of my submarines. Do all the transports just get destroyed? Or does the submarine have to keep rolling over and over to get hits? Seems silly and inevitable since the undefended transports can’t Break off the attack or defend themselves

  • 1-3: All stay under your control until an enemy unit moves in to capture it. It is only when all units die in a contested territory that the territory would revert to its original controller. (or uncontrolled, if it was an aligned/strict neutral)

    4: On your turn, only units under your control can participate in attacks, so the allied fighter would be out of the battle and the defender would automatically have air supremacy. If the defender didn’t have a fighter, they obviously wouldn’t get air supremacy but since your power has no fighter in the attack, you wouldn’t either.

    5: Once the defender in a sea battle has only transports remaining, the transports are all instantly destroyed.

    Hope this helped, and have fun gaming!

  • Official Answers

    Unlike the WWII games, there is no “defenseless transport” rule in this one.  Transports are never “automatically” destroyed.  However, if your intent is to destroy them and they are defenseless there is no reason to keep rolling dice, as the final result is inevitable, as you said.  You may as well simply remove them.  The only practical difference the absence of a defenseless transport rule makes is that if you wanted to break off an attack with only defending transports remaining for some reason, you could do so.

  • Thanks  🙂

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