Kamikaze Carriers

  • I have never used kamikaze because it never came up. However, with the new rules they seem more plausible.

    1. If the US fleet moves into the sea of Japan on a noncombat move (aka for taking points off of Japan) then can the Japanese, on their move, use the Kamikazes as part of a larger attack?

    2. Kamikazes happen before the rest of combat. Does that mean that if they are used against destroyers and destroy them, then all the Japanese submarines get a sneak attack against the other ships in the defending fleet?

    3. Does that also mean if the kamikazes are used against aircraft carriers (who are on defense) then the defending player cannot scramble aircraft from the carrier to defend against other attacks if the carrier is damaged from the kamikazes?


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    I think you are confused about how to use Kamikazes. They are used on DEFENSE only. If an Allied power attacks Japanese ships in or launches an amphibious assault from any sea zone with the Kamikaze symbol, the Japanese player can use Kamikaze against the Allied warships.
    Also, in the case of amphibious assaults, a Kamikaze strike counts as combat so it prevents bombardments from Allied battleships and cruisers.

    In all three of your questions, it sounds like you are using Kamikazes on attack which they are not meant for.
    However, in defense, if Japan has defending submarines and Kamikazes take out any Allied destroyers, then the defending subs to get to fire in the Surprise Strike phase of combat.
    Also, if a Kamikaze scores a hit on an attacking carrier, while it does not keep any attacking fighters and/or tac bombers from the attack, at the end of combat the planes will not be able to land on that carrier, resulting in their loss unless there is a valid landing space in range.

    I hope this helps you.

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    just to add to knp’s answer the kamikaze “attack” happens at the beginning of the combat.

    so when US attacks Japan defends with a kamikaze “attack” anything killed by the kazis is removed before the US begins their attack

  • I like how the game implemented Kamikazes however having a limit to them sucks.  I am the kinda guy who would like to buy them maybe at 5 ipc? Any thoughts?

  • @DessertFox599:

    I like how the game implemented Kamikazes however having a limit to them sucks.  I am the kinda guy who would like to buy them maybe at 5 ipc? Any thoughts?

    Well atm they are kinda useless as the attacker can just attack with air+ subs + transports and then move in the carriers later. Which makes the kamikaze a non issue.
    You idealy want to hit the carriers so the planes crash and you cannot do that on defence as the carriers will not be in the area.

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    … Which makes the kamikaze a non issue. …

    At least they can prevent offshore bombardment.

  • Eh, I disagree,  the Kamikazes are far from useless. If you’re smart and keep your fleet mostly in Kamikaze zones like the Philippines, it often scares the allies off from attacking until/unless they have overwhelming force (which if they have, you’ve probably already lost in the Pacific anyways). It’s a lot harder to defeat a Japanese fleet containing a bunch of loaded carriers and destroyers with just air + subs. Basically, they’re highly useful as a deterrent.

    I’m having difficulty imagining a scenario where being able to purchasing them for offensive purposes wouldn’t be either completely overpowered or totally pointless, but that’s really a discussion for house rules.

  • Just wanted to confirm what was menioned by KNP, that Kamikaze tokens may only be applyed to eligible sea units during the combat movement phase of the power attacking the Kamikaze sea zone.

    Therfore, American subs and air units could clear out sea zone 6 of Japanese units, and then move their surface warships into the sea zone during the non-combat phase disallowing the legal use of kamikaze tokens.

    I too think that kamikazes are fine the way they are, if they do get the opportunity to hit in a Kamikaze sea zone, they can be deadly to any allied attack using their surface warships (if used wisely), and the last thing Japan needs is a greater advantage.

  • Thanks everyone. This helped clear up stuff.

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