Axis and Allies was reccomended to me

  • I’m a huge fan of RISK. I’ve told this to many people who play Axis and Allies and they tell me that I’ll love Axis and Allies because it is like RISK only more complicated and intricate. I would just like to know the difference between the two games because I would love to play however I do not want to spend the money to buy the game if I just won’t like it in the end. Anyone wanna help?

  • In Axis and Allies there are a lot of different units (infantry, armor, fighters, bombers, transports, battleships, aircraftcarriers etc). This is a huge difference with Risc. All units have specific specs (cost, attack power, defense power, range). This is the main difference and makes it very interesting. This game will take more time than risc though (average 3-4 hours), which might not be appealing to a lot of gamers.

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    OK #1 if you love RISK you have a new love the second you buy AaA… I introduced AaA this summer to guys who had RISK and Stratego for there only intro to wargames and one who was the biggest fan of RISK went out and bought it… here are the basic differences…

    1. Miriads of new units. Unlike RISK’s get them and place them system of gathering new armies AaA takes great thought to win a war especially concernong your buys… Are Infantry Sufficient covered by a Fighter to defend Stalingrad or do I need offensive power in the form of Tanks… Or my fleet does it need a Carrier and Fighter or should a Battleship be launched to give me shore Bombardment

    2. the advent of territorial value compared to what is defending it… Western Europe may give you 6 IPC’s (Industrial Production Certificates) but Germany brings in the Bacon at 10 IPC’s plus making Germany lose his Capital… But is it worth it with those 6 Infantry, 3Armor, 1 Fighter and an AA Guns?

    3. Tons of more Territories… when you sit down ot the AaA board there is always more options for attacks another way you could play it to outsmart your opponent hitting him where he isn’t thinking… In RISK you typically know where he is hitting next…

    4. Technology… 'nuff said 😎

    5. Simplified combat system… Everything has an Attack and Defense number which basically means in combat that in order to make a “hit” (chosen by your opponent) is by rolling there particular number on the die or all numbers below it i.e. a fighter Attacks on a 3 so in order to make a hit he has to roll a 1-2-3… you can also roll all units in a column so it speeds up gameplay…

    6. Not as complex as its sounds? IF you have seen games like Advanced Squad Leader, Panzer Leader, Afrika Korps, Mass Battle Tanks, or another complicated wargame AAA is definitely simpler… don’t let the amount of units scare ya away it is really not that hard to learn and more fun then you can imagine (or 2 AM can imagine

    buy it buy it buy it!!!

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  • A and A is a game where you are on a team, either either Axis or Allies. You will therefore know who to expect the attacks from and who will stay with you until the end.

    It is usually good to play in bigger groups. Be sure to team up with the best pro when participating in such a game. Hold off on the 1 on 1 games until after you get 3-4 games worth of experience under your belt.

  • Games of Risk usually go to the most popular person of the group. They are the ones who can continue to form alliances as the game progresses.

  • That sounds amazing. I always play Risk with a big group. We’ve been meaning to play AaA but be have been wondering who should make the buy first. Should we get the original one or do you reccomend another version?

    I like the idea of having a set group of allies instead of having half-assed ones. In Risk it DOES just end a up to be a popularity contest. I also like the idea of better troops and more options and less predictability.

  • you won’t go wrong with either the original or axis and allies revised. i personally prefer and recommend you get revised but since this is the forum for the original edition you will probably get more people recommending the original. revised ‘fixed’ some of the things like techs a bit and has more replayability since it gives you the option of using national advantages but like i said, you won’t go wrong with either- just personal choice.

  • Axis & Allies is the like Risk with more exciting battles combined with the financial investment challenges of Monopoly.

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