• A good day to you.
    X-mas is over and I must say that this was probably best gift i could wish for 🙂
    I got 1940 Europe 2nd edition 🙂
    So here are my questions about customizing my pieces.I intend to paint them all and i need some answers.

    Although I saw some tutorials i still need some answers.
    Never have i painted figures on such small scale as this.So if you could
    Describe some of your painting techniques that would be great.

    About first layer of paint(primer) on figures, is it neccessary or not?
    Let me ask you how do you paint details i.e. german insignia on tank or wings of plane?
    Larger items shouldnt be a problem since my hand is quite steady,but
    I have been thinking about making some kind of template to paint insignias and such.
    Exactly how long can i expect to be painting whole set?
    Should i repaint darker units to white so that i can apply light green color on them.

    Thanks for your help 😄

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    Hi Wiz, welcome to the forums.

    You might want to brows the Axis & Allies Customizations forum. There are many links that will show you painted pieces.  Here is my link to all of my painted pieces. http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=33966.0

    I always prime my pieces with spray paint and seal them with clear coat. I used gloss on my pieces but you can use less glossy clear coat to keep them more historical.  I use Vallejo paints and Army Painter spray paints.  Feel free to post in my thread there are many painting gurus in that section that will respond.  Good Luck, looking forward to seeing some of your work.

  • I always wash my pieces first to get rid of any mold release agent or grease left by the manufacturing process (or simply handling!), then I prime them dark brown - some folks use black but that is really hard to paint most colors over.  After priming I go over them with a very light dry brush of white or gray i.e. a brush that has had most of the paint wiped off; just a light touch of this this leaves a little paint on the raised areas and makes the details you have covered in primer pop back out.  Deeper details remain in the dark brown shadow and likewise any parts you miss when painting the uniform will just look like shadow or mud.  Once the whole thing is dry, wash with 1 part ink to 10 parts water or clear liquid floor polish.  Use brown ink for khaki uniforms and black in for gray and green ones this will tone down bright colors and outline straps, folds etc giving a professional look.  If your figures look too dark, repeat the dry brush step again using a pale cream color.

    I use 1/285 scale decals for markings - you can get sheets of the right size ones from I-94 hobbies very cheaply.

  • Thx for feedback Albert.i just startedthis painting hobby of mine but i think i am doing good job so far.i ll try to post some pictures later.
    I ll also try drybrushing before painting.so far i have been doing it after base color but i didnt have much success with it 😕
    And IF you dont mind asking what is I-94 hobbies ?

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    Hey Whiz, it a decal company that you can buy your decals from. It makes it a lot easier than hand painting all the nations emblem on your pieces.

    You can purchase I-94 decals through historical board gaming company, which is really better place to order them from, because it is hard to get a hold of the owner at I 94 enterprises.

    I hope this helps! 🙂


  • I saw them on HBG but it could be a problem ordering anything since i am from europe and shipping costs would be quite large.
    I tried to find something similar around here but so far no luck 😕
    If here is anyone with same problem could you help me out with recomendations

  • Sponsor '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 Customizer

    HGB has a European site

  • '14

    They in fact DO have a European counterpart. Also, if it were just decals you may be able to request a standard mailing envelope if they dont have the stock you are looking for in Europe and have to get it from the US. Ask him in an email first, it never hurts to ask.

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