Triple A Tech Tech Rolls Too Good?

  • Hi all!  First off, wanted to say TripleA is amazing and give a huge thanks to those that created it.  I travel a lot and allows me to still play with my buddies while on the road.

    With the latest version, we have noticed something in our last two games.  It seems like the Tech Rolls are unusually generous.  In one game, its turn 4 and two nations have 3 techs each (only buying 1-2 dice per turn).  The other game is slightly better but still way above overage.

    So my question is this:  Has anyone else noticed this or are we just rolling really lucky and as we get more games in for the new version, it will even out?  As an aside, we do not have Low Luck  for Technology checked (not sure what that does but thought it had something about math vs actual dice rolling?).

    Any confirmation either way would be fantastic and thanks again for the great software!


  • Customizer

    This part of the engine has stayed the same for years, so you are just having a lucky streak (or unlucky streak, if it was your opponent).

  • Haha…<shakes fist="" at="" my="" opponent="">  😄

    Ok, good to know and thanks for the quick response. </shakes>

  • '17 '16 '15

    hope you played Lotto too 🙂
    Triplea rocks Glad you found it

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