Aircraft retreating if amphibious assault fails (updated question)

  • Hi guys, sorry if this has been addressed somewhere in the history.

    If you launch an amphibious assault which includes a combination of land and air attackers, but the sea battle enabling the assault fails and is forced to retreat with the transports, are the aircraft committed to the first round of combat in the intended territory, or does the attack break off altogether when the transports retreat, allowing the aircraft to retreat as well?  Thanks, appreciate the forum very much.

  • Related question: If there is no sea battle in an amphibious assault, can I send some of my aircraft to that sea zone to defend against a possible scramble? For example, if I’m sending transports to invade London, but only have one ship to accompany the transports against scrambling aircraft, can I send a few of my aircraft to that seazone to protect against it, even though there is no combat there when I declare my moves?

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    the aircraft are committed to the first round of combat…they can retreat if they survive.
    You are allowed to send air units into a sea zone that fighters may be scrambled.

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