• Has anyone ever done this? Move a US transport with a troop from Hawaii (U1) to sea zone 54 and bring the 2 US ships from the Philippines as well, then (U2) bring the ships to Java (sea zone 42). When turn 4 comes around you drop the troop to take French Indochina and then reinforce with British troops. Next turn you can build a US minor industrial complex. Thoughts?

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    I see a few problems here, depending on when Japan declares war.
    J1 DOW: Japan will sink the SZ35 ships and take the Philippines before you can do this.
    J2 DOW: While the US ships are probably safe in SZ54, Japanese naval presence will be such that you can’t safely move to SZ42.
    J3 DOW: in this case, Japan will probably sink the US ships in SZ42 and may well take Java.

    With a later DOW (US3, because there’s no reason to postpone it), it could theoretically work if Japan has already taken FIC. But with no early Japanese DOW, Japan probably won’t do that because it would lose the 10 IPC NO. So in that scenario, Japan would need to take FIC on J4. That implies the presence of at least one Japanese unit in FIC, which would have to be defeated by the single US infantry you’ve brought.
    Even if Japan had already captured FIC earlier and then vacated it (not very likely, because it’s a popular spot for Japan to build and IC of its own), they could easily kick the US and the British out again. Though if I were aware of your plan as Japan, I would happily wait until the US kindly built that IC for me to capture……  😄

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