New Custom Combat Dice For Fascist Italy?

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    From reading some of the posts on this site, one gets the impression that there is a direct line to individuals or the owners of Field Marshal Games and Historical Board Gaming. Don’t want to name names or point one out, but I was wondering the following…

    Has either FMG or HBG ever considered doing a run of Combat Dice for Italy in the Fascist style of the three fasces (three bundles of sticks and an axe)? I have changed all my set-up boards to match the latter mentioned symbol but naturally my Combat Dice are left lacking.

    Can’t post an image due to my newish account, but would be interested in the level of interest this idea generates. As FMG or HBG would have to do a mass run of the three fasces dice, would anyone else be interested in a production run?


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    Chessex makes them in green.

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    Thanks you for the reply! E-mail sent to Chessex - looking forward to getting these.

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