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  • Hey all, My friend and I called the Russia first game, it just didn’t look like it could end in an axis victory. So we switched sides and started a new game.  Unfortunately this game won’t be able to be finished either, since my friend leaves monday for school.  But it was a very interesting first three turns and I thought I’d share them with you.  It’s interesting mainly because on the third turn France is still alive and in possession of all their original territories.

    On the first turn, my opponent built all airforce and as a result did not have enough units to hold reims.  He sent 6 infantry into denmark during the second impulse and had only 4 mech in reims at the end of the first turn.  On the French Uk turn, the allies attacked reims with every unit that was able to reach it.  Germany was unable to mount a second attack on reims until the third turn.  on the second turn the french built a new fortification, and had 20 infantry/artillery sitting in reims, plus 2 fighters (1 uk 1 french) and 1 tac in paris, and 3 british fighters in normandy.  i just rolled this battle, and i have to say the allies got incredibly lucky.

    This was the battle:

    Germany: 8 infantry, 2 artillery, 3 mech, 2 grenadiers, 4 armor, 5 fighters, 4 tac, 3 ss panzers

    allies: 1 mech, 3 art, 2 FL, 1 tac, 14 infantry (6 french, 8 uk), 5 fighters (1 french, 4 UK), 1 aa.

    (I just realized we have been playing with A&A 1940 aa rules, where they fire before combat as opposed to during the first round. but we have used this version throughout the game for both sides so it evens out in our games.  However this situation could have turned out differently given that.)

    Any way.  AA makes opening shots, kills 4 fighters and 2 tac.  then we did air supremacy.  He devoted 1 of his two fighters so as to not give my fighters +2, and i devoted 1.  I won, and his 2 remaining tacs now attacked on a 4 rather than a 7 (a 3 given the fort.)

    First round of combat allies kill 10 germans only kill 4.

    Second round, allies:8 Germans: 7

    third and final round allies: 7 (remaining units)  Germans: 2

    moral of the story good rolls combined with your opponents poor choices makes for a hard game.  Also these pictures are of before the battle.  I will post after the battle tomorrow.  We are playing the historical lend lease rules, that is why there is an american navy off the coast of normandy.
    BUTTERS - WIN_20150101_232445.JPG
    BUTTERS - WIN_20150101_232633.JPG

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