• Hi all im new to this game and have been slowly going through the rules etc. We tried a dummy sea battle today and have a few questions. Our battle was 2x attacking ships 1x cruiser and 1x destroyer. The defending ships were 1x battleship, 1x cruiser and 1x destroyer.

    I was the attacker and rolled 1x3 and 1x6(which is 1 hit and 1 miss?) so I scored a hit. This hit then gets put on the ship in the defenders zone marked 3 or less, which then gets put into the Casualty Zone. The defender then rolled 3x 3’s which sunk my ship in attackers zone 3 (ship removed from the board)

    I then retreated.

    The attacker has 1 ship in the casualty zone which I presumed must be repaired?. If this is the case I guess the ship has to go back to an allied port for repair?. If this is the case and I attack the fleet again, would the ship that was in the Casualty Zone still have damage from the previous engagement? if so how do you mark damaged ships on the game board.

    Also For example does the battleship have a health of 4? and needs to be hit 4 times before it is destroyed? And if so how do you mark its health in the casualty zone?


  • I think you’re getting the quick chart for attack and defense mixed up with the casualty zone. All I ever use the casualty zone for is keeping track of hits during large battles. Also sounds like the defender in this case would have sank both the cruiser and destroyer if he rolled threes. A battleship hits on anything less than 4, that’s what makes it so dangerous. A battleship, as well as carriers, take two hits to sink, so the defender could have even applied the hit you scored to his battleship if he didn’t want to sacrifice the destroyer. In order to repair a damaged capital ship, you have to move it to a friendly port, where it repairs at no cost at the start of your next turn. Damaged capital ships are usually marked by placing them on their sides. There would have been no need for a second attack in this case, since the defender wiped out the attacking fleet. Let me know if you need more clarification.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Does the defence/attack value indicate health? or does every ship have 2 health points?. Also If I had ships and attacked for a 2nd time his ship would still be damaged and placed behind the Casualty Strip? Thanks

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    Morning Havok.
    Only Battleships and Carriers have two Hit Points. Rest die after one hit.

    The Attack value is used if you are the attacker. The Defence value, if you are attacked.
    If you stayed for a second Round, yes, the damaged  Battleship would still be damaged. One more  hit, would sink it.

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    Hi Havok

    A hit can kill/damage any unit.The defender decides which of his units will take the hit.
    So if you roll a three for a hit it will be applied to a unit of the defenders choice. It doesn’t have to be in the three zone on the casualty board.

  • Thanks all for your comments. I understand it now.

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