• I am a big fan of the game and I’m aware of some of the issues that are hindering gameplay.  I devised a couple rules modifications which seem to really balance the game:

    1. All land units can move two spaces through friendly territory. Movement is limited to one space if moving into or out of contested territories or attacking. This speeds up movement towards the fronts, but you still need to begin adjacent to a zone to move into the zone for combat.  The only land unit that can enter combat with the second space of movement is the Fighter.

    2. Because the first change is a huge advantage for the Central Powers initially, the Russian Revolution rules are scrapped. Beat Russia by winning it’s capital.

    These two changes put much more pressure on France during rounds 1 to 3.  UK need to focus on France earlier therefore allowing for a more fun and balanced game in the middle east.

    Try it out and post your thoughts.

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    So these house rules are geared for A&A 1914?

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