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    If you were to give a sz(s) a ipc value in the global game, which one(s) would they be and for how much?

    Also has anyone played global with sub pens?  If so how did you like/dislike it?

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    Good idea, but I wouldn’t know where to begin.

  • this idea was posted on the designer, Larry Harris, message board many years ago, he named it Wet Territories. The big idea was that this seazones should represent shipping lanes and international trade. And obviously the nation that controlled this specific seazones with his surface warships, would benefit economically. The system got too complicated and was abandoned. But that said, I loved the idea.

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    Convoy zones, captured by sailing any surface ship in and controlled until lost.  Each one: 1 IPC.  All other sea zones have no value.

    Just something off the top of my head.

  • I think that a shipping industrial production stuff needs a SZ to be free of enemy ships, not the presence of own ones. Therefore i think the convoy rules do a more realistic work.

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    You could use tokens ( or racing car tape using country’s color )  to mark convoy routes. Any time a ship enters 1 or more Sea Zones, the owner of convoy route is reduced 3 icp’s from income. Or make each Sea Zone in convoy route worth 1 icp and for each Sea Zone occupied by enemy the income is reduced by 1 for the owner.
    Attacker just puts his country’s token in Sea Zone.

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    You know, this is one thing I miss from the original Pacific and Europe games – the convoy route sea zones. Both the US and UK had a number of convoy routes that counted as part of their income and Germany could move a sub into and deprive them of that income. Then the US or UK would have to go and take them back. The only difference from a land territory was that Germany would not gain the IPCs from those convoy routes, just deprive the allies of income.
    I would like to see that in Global 1940. I think it would be better than the current convoy system. Although I imagine the process of rolling dice for convoy damage (with the 50% possibility of causing no damage at all) represents the idea that in some cases the escorts managed to chase the subs away with no losses to the convoy. Still, it seems hard to me to get subs or warships in positions to disrupt convoys so after that effort and expense, I hate to have a 50% chance of not even getting any convoy damage.

    I think HBG’s Global 1939 map has the convoy route sea zones. Maybe I should learn to play Global 1939.

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    The HBG’s 39 game has only convoy boxes. If you attack the convoy boxes the owners Icp is lowered but the attacker doesn’t gain the Icp’s.

  • I have played both Global games and I have to admit, I like the convoy boxes of Global 39.  They are in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific.  The axis players can really be a pain in the neck to the allies with those convoy boxes.  The allies have to respond to axis subs bleeding off all of those IPC’s.  JUst more diversionary tactics to keep the allies busy without having to engage in heavy (expensive) sea battles.

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    Just looking at the atlantic for now

    SZ 124 is a 2 ipc zone for russia
    SZ 118 is a 1 ipc zone for russia
    remove 1 ipc from urals

    SZ 104 is a 2 ipc zone for uk
    SZ 117 is a 1 ipc zone for uk
    remove 1 ipc from alberta and 1 from ontario

    Only the named allied countries can receive ipc’s from their zones.No allied ships need be present to collect income. Any axis naval vessel present in the zone negates the ipc value.
    This would give russia a potential 2 ipc  boost per turn and would germany a chance to knock russia down 1 ipc per turn.
    UK could receive a potential 1 ipc boost per turn and would give germany a chance to knock uk down 2 ipc’s per turn.

    How it would effect game play? The 1 pc zones would probably only be threatened in the early rounds. Although germany would have the option to attack from SZ 124 if present in that zone. Germany wouldn’t be in a position to trade subs for destroyers out there, so probably little impact while still providing a sub that ended up out there a chance to do some damage. The convoy zones in uk and scotland are easily defended due to their airbases. The 2 ipc zones germany could trade subs for destroyers giving her a 2 ipc advantage which is then countered by the 2 ipc zone for basically a wash, although against uk germany could get a 1 ipc advantage.

    Germany would have to commit 12 ipc’s to counter the allied bonus which means that’s 12 ipc’s not going to russia. She could choose to ignore it and send them towards russia anyway, but at 3 ipc’s a turn should at least make her hesitate. UK/US could also ignore german subs with only a 1 ipc hit to uk. If germany does contest the zones the allies would be able to effect the number of ipc’s going to russia early through UK/US destroyer and air builds.

    Seems like more of an advantage for the allies. Should russia lose another ipc the same as uk? The allies could end up losing 2 ipc’s a turn but would be able to slow the german adavance on russia. Would it end up slowing it too much? Germany would have to keep a couple bombers in the west as well. While not a problem early on when moscow comes into bombing range it could make a difference.

    Anyway just some thoughts.

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    What if you had convoy routes mapped out and any enemy ship in any sea zone on the route, would lower owners income by 3 icps instead of having a value for each sea zone. That way if Germany had 3 subs in convoy route it would only lower owner 3 icps. That way you wouldn’t need a bunch of ships defending all the sea zones.

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