A&A Europe 1940 Game For Sale - $55

  • Axis and Allies Europe 1940 game for sale. Paid $85 new. Only asking $55. Excellent condition. Only played a few times. Includes all pieces, dice, boards, rules, etc… I take very good care of my games. Don’t play face-to-face games anymore. Therefore, I have no reason to keep these games. However, these are great collector’s items. If you don’t have the game, this is a must have and the hot A&A game that everyone is playing right now. Great game! Great fun! Medium complexity. If you are an A&A player(meaning you play other versions of A&A), this is a great game to get and learn. Great for adults and kids, ages 14 and over. Great game to learn strategy with. If you want pics, please PM(personal message) me your email address and I will email you pictures. If you are interested, please PM me your zip code and I will calculate shipping and handling. I will also provide a copy of the shipping and handling receipt. This makes a great gift.

  • I also have the A&A Pacific 1940 game for sale for $55. If you want both games, I’ll sell both games for just $100. If you buy both games, I’ll throw in extra dice(Two 20 sided dice, extra 6 sided dice, 38 small, black and white 6 sided dice, 25 Allied six sided dice(10 U.S., 5 German, 5 British and 5 Russian).

  • This game has been sold.

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