Fighter/TAC/Bomber bases

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    Does anyone think that a 12mm diameter 3mm thick base made of acrylic would be dense/heavy enough to support the bombers, TACS, and fighters on a 1.5 inch upright?

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    Put a metal weight on the bottom? W/O it i think its marginal. You want to not always be re-standing them upright if somebody knocks table.

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    BAH!!! I was going to order them from but if im going to custom order them I dont want to alter them. Especially if I go with something as clean as the Clear. I could go bigger… say match the size of the standard chips so they still stack nicely but i still think I will have the problem of them being top heavy in the end, especially since I want to have them 1.5" high and not just the one inch. I thnk Im going to hold out and try to snag up some 11mm dia 3mm thick steel blanks for a base. May take some time, but here’s to hoping

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