Europe and Pacific 2nd Editions

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    Tried looking to find this question but didn’t find it so sorry if it was already asked. I have both Europe and Pacific 1st editions……is it worth it to buy the 2nd editions? Thinking about making them my Christmas present to me…  😄

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    Oh, yes they are completely different than the 1st edition and you can put them together to play Global.

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    Definitely worth it if you’re at all interested in the sculpts.  All the player countries (except for China) gain an AAA sculpt, a unit depicted by a token in the first edition.  Italy and ANZAC get their own nation-specific sculpt designs for their entire equipment sets, and a few countries get new domestic sculpts to replace some foreign ones that lingered in the first edition, such as the new Russian transport ship.  France, regretably, still uses Russian equipment, but perhaps that will change if ever there’s a third edition, and in any case HBG will be producing a French set at some point.  Your ANZAC pieces from the first edition can be redesignated as house rule Canadian units, now that ANZAC has its own designs (though you’ll need to lend Canada a few of the new ANZAC AAA guns); the ANZAC and Canadian units can be viewed collectively as representing forces from the British Commonwealth Dominions, if you allocate a few of them to South Africa.  If you buy a copy (or more) of the 1941 game, you can use its Russian carrier and its British transport ships to plug the two “foreign-design holes” in the 1940 second edition (the USSR uses a British carrier and the UK uses a US transport ship), and you can assign the 1941 American P-40 to China, where it will serve nicely as the Flying Tigers (who did in fact use P-40 Warhawks).  So yes, lots of useful stuff in the 1940 second edition.

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    Thanks……will definitely be ordering them.

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