Allied Strategy of Kill Turkey First

  • Where would one be able to find a complete list of Errata ?? Here on the A& site ??  You’re right about the rule book being vague sometimes, it’s lead to many, many 1:30am arguments. I just wish that one time, just once, they’d be able to make a game, complete, no errors, finalized manual, enough pieces etc.

    That’s what I am basing most of my comments and strategies on, the rule book that comes with the game.

    Re: Kill Turkey First
    The rule about ground units moving two spaces (tourney rule I think). Have any of you used it before and how does it impact the KT(urkey)F strategy??

    Starlight Sniper

  • The Errata are found at the beginning of the FAQ. There’s a stickied thread in this forum titled “Official FAQ” that provides a link to the page on the Wizards website that has a link to the FAQ PDF.

  • All this time and I never asked the F.A.Q.s. Thanks for the link. I’m going to do some reading/printing. If it proves fruitfull, we’ll all be playing a better game.

    Starlight Sniper

  • @Chacmool:

    The only neutrals that should be attacked in A&A1914 are Persia and Switzerland.

    I would add Afghanistan to that list.  Personally I attack Afghanistan B1 and then use the remainder with my build to clear Persia B2.  It makes me have a second way to funnel troops into Russia and also pays for itself by round 4 usually.

  • Why don’t you just land US troops in Portugal T4, and then on T5 attack Spain with tanks. That way you minimize the losses. I see what you guys are saying about the math of attacking Spain, but the problem with sending your 6-7 transports to Greece is that you have 4-5 transports that won’t be doing much of anything. That is because you can only build 1-2 transports and units a turn with US. It is kind of like tecking up attacking Spain as US. It will benefit you in the long run and wont put your transports horribly out of position.

    The ideal amount of transports for US should be 9-10 if you going for Greece. 3 transports at home, 3 off Spain, and 3-4 off Greece. Having an extra transport off Greece would be nice to give you flexibility.

    Quick question. I am used to the WW2 axis and allies games, and after reading the rule book I can’t tell if it says you are allowed to have 2 arty, 2 tanks, or 2 fighters in a transport. In every other version you can only have 1 arty or 1 tank in a transport with an infantry.

  • Transports may carry two units; the units may be of any type (infantry, arty, tanks, fighters).

  • Thanks ColonelKurtz. Interesting that this version is the only one that has been different with the units you can carry in a transport since classic with either 2 infantry or 1 tank.

  • I’ve always preferred the choice of these three when it comes to transports :

    1 - Three Infantry
    2 - One Infantry + One Machine
    3- Two Machines

    Starlight Sniper

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