Capturing a friendly territory with Industrial Complex

  • Ok…so Russia has fallen to the Nazis and on their turn, UK has moved in to Karelia capturing the IC. A turn goes by and UK pumps out two units and Germany still holds Russia.

    The Russian Capital is liberated by UK on the following turn. Karelia returns to Russian influence/control immediately. On Russia turn they collect income but are unable to produce anything. Germany then takes Russia back. Come UK’s turn, does UK control Karelia (their units are still there) and can produce units from the IC or is it taken as a new combat move to take Karelia and has to wait another turn before it can produce units?

    I believe I know the answer but makes me think twice now about liberating capitals! The British can spend the money more wisely!?

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    It is Russian again. (Like you thought.)

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    Note that under these circumstances UK cannot regain control of Karelia unless an Axis power takes control of it first and then UK retakes it from the Axis while Russia is still Axis-held.  A power can never take control of a territory directly from an ally.

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