• I think I’m going about the game all wrong. When I play, I do awesome as britain and japan, decent as russia, and horrible as america and germany.

    it seems that most people here say “have japan take on russia.” I just don’t see how this is possible.

    When I play, India must be taken in the first turn, and if this doesn’t happen, GB builds a complex there, and Japan has to spend money on defense.

    Taking India in the first turn in no problem. Then it takes 2 turns to take out both chinas, and then russia. but this leaves a problem! The earliest tanks can reach the border of moscow itself is turn 4, if you go against india in turn one.

    Now if you don’t take on india, you get into a building contest with Britain, and america just needs to buy a couple of subs to force your offensive forces to withdraw. If you do take india, russia is safe for 4 turns. Now Even if japan gets a complex in india and manchuria, by turn 5, they could have maybe 9 (maximum! realistically you have maybe 4 to 6!) tanks on the border of russia. Russia has a huge stockpile of infantry and there is no way those tanks will make a difference.

    that is the problem! how can japan get enough forces against russia ASAP? Should germany aim on taking caucasus and africa so russia diverts forces in karelia so germany and japan can attack a split up russia?

  • Just taking India will protect your left flank so Japan can start pounding Yakurt from the sea on T1. Usually Japan has the economy to play a two front war.

  • See here’s the deal: Germany could WASTE Russia in short order if there were no other players, right? But he/she can’t because the western Allies require Germany to spend some of her IPC’s to counter their threat, right? So USSR is free to spend a whole bunch of IPC’s just fighting Germany with Allied help, right?

    That’s where YOU come in! It’s not japan’s task to “kill” USSR (though that is sometimes possible) only force USSR to SPLIT her meager funds to fight both you AND Germany! Meanwhile you can pound on UK and USA (the Western Allies) to pick at their assaults on Germany.

    So…gain control of the Pacific. Don’t lose capital ships. Use a minimum of money holding off the Western Allies. Build (or capture) an Industrial Complex in Asia and put 3 ARM, 4 INF onto the Continent each turn. If you can keep this up, and move reasonably aggressively, you and Germany can win the game. Simple as that.

    This is not the be-all, end-all of Axis strategy, only the beginning…


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