Choosing National Advantages.

  • During the start of our games, my friends and I normally break down into a huge argument as to where the NA’s are distrubuted. Basically the allies want all the players to get equel amounts of NAs, whereas the axis want to have more because their not equel (allies get 3:2 ratio)

    Allies argument:
    -Axis are in better control of their forces.
    -The Axis NA’s are better (as we normally choose from 1 or 2).
    -We have a new player as Britain

    Axis Argument:
    -Allies would recieve more advantages
    -USA’s NA’s are too good

    What do you people think? Any solutions would be appreciated.

  • I chose other. The reason is this:
    For each nation, we usually choose one NA that we REALLY want. Then we roll two dice. If we get the NA we chose, then we get only that one. If we don’t get the one we chose, then we get the two that we actually rolled. 😄

    Since you’re talking about evening things out, maybe have it so the Allies don’t get this nifty perk. Then they will get three, flat out. The Axis, on the other hand, can get anywhere from two to six. In this case, it ends up being a bit of a gamble, so…

  • When using NAs, we usually have 3 each for Axis and 2 each for Allies.

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