Ramdas Vaidyanathan has a new move called "Ram's Mahatma Gambit" -

  • On reflection, apologies ItIsIleClerc .

    One may not see it ever.

    Either it strikes you as an idea or not.

    So… since… maybe i am wrong, …  i shall test this hypotheses.  Maybe a rule change will be needed to save the game.  Hope they at least name the rule change after me  :roll:

    I shall give one clue - every single day, just one… till either it is proven correct… or proven wrong. If wrong, then with humility, i shall eat humble pie.

    But , if iam correct… what do i stand to gain… fame… or infamy…?  ( Materialistic notions are not even being considered, nor requested ).

    I hope to get my name into the books one way or an other  ( Either on my move… or the rule change ).

    OK… drum roll  :

    Clue 1  ( Dec 5th, 2014) :  The fun begins on R3 .

  • '17 '16 '15 '14 '12

    You are making a fool of yourself meinherr.  Play a league game.

  • Are you sure , that you do not have a tweeny-weeny doubt nibbling in the back of your mind … maybe he has it?!

    I was reluctant at first, because  thought it’ll affect my move… but on reflection… there is another smaller, better and niftier way to deal with that.  Hence wrote what i did.

    Did take into account “Cow”'s fantastic  - J1 offense.  In fact, to be honest it was my biggest challenge to overcome. OK.

    Happy thinking  :evil:

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